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Our team of professional Austin commercial remodeling contractors have the skill, training, and experience necessary to ensure that your next commercial remodeling project gets completed in a timely, accurate manner, and provides you with the quality results you need to accomplish your goals. Whether you are just looking to refresh the appearance of your business space, or you are looking to completely revitalize your overall business image, our team of highly skilled commercial remodeling contractors can help you accomplish your goals. We understand the importance of first impressions in the business world, and when you make the choice to call in our experienced professionals, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the assistance of a team of skilled pros who will stop at nothing to ensure you get the results you need from your project.

When it comes to your business, we understand that time is money, and most business owners can’t afford to keep their business closed for extended periods of time waiting for their commercial remodeling project to be completed. Here at Republic Building Co., our team of Austin professionals will work their hardest to ensure that your project is kept on time and on budget, helping you minimize downtime and letting you get back to daily business as usual. 


Professional Insurance Restoration


Has your commercial space been damaged recently due to a storm or some other unforeseen circumstance? Have you found yourself in a position of trying to navigate through the confusing process of dealing with your insurance company and arranging to get the repairs you need to get things back to normal? If so, our team of skilled commercial remodeling professionals can help. We offer a full range of insurance restoration services. Our team of skilled professionals can help you navigate the confusing process of filing your claim and make sure that you get the quality repairs you need to restore your business to its original condition in no time at all.


Kitchen Remodel Q&A

Yes, but there are challenges with this approach. There is a lot of small items which are missed during the order process that is likely custom to your home. When your home was built by the builder, they likely leveraged the best products offered during that period. Many plumbing fixtures and moldings, tiles, cabinets, sinks, etc does not all fit together. It’s our knowledge and experience working with thousands of products and custom projects that help us order the right materials to get the job done right with speed and quality.  Call us to discuss your specific requests and allows us an opportunity to provide you with more details.

No, we can handle projects of all shapes and sizes. Simple projects typically run in short cycles from $2,500 to $20,000 range. While custom remodeling and new house projects can be $100,000+. Therefore, you can count on us to deliver small, medium and large projects with precision, quality of results and exceptional customer service.

Yes. Give us a call to discuss your projects and we can provide you with more information to help get your project financed. We provide all refinancing terms, payments and specifics, call us.

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